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How do I sell on product portals and market places?

You can also sell your products via eBay. For more information on this read Selling on eBay - Overview.
With your shop system it is possible to sell your products on product portals or market places like Amazon.

What are product portals and market places?

Product portals are internet platforms where products by different merchants are displayed. Often they are used by customers like search engines for products: As a visitor, you can search for a particular product and then you are able to see, which online shops offer this product – including the prices in these shops and links to them.

Market places are portals, where merchants can offer their products directly. The order process is taken care of by the market place. One example for this is Amazon Marketplace.

For you as a merchant, these portals are a very good opportunity to acquire new customers and benefit from the fact, that many of these portals have millions of visitors each month.

In order to sell via one of these portals, you have to do the following:
  • Activate the portal in your shop’s administration area
  • Take care of the settings for this portal in the administration area
  • Register as a merchant for the portal
  • Export your products to the portal
To be able to sell via a product portal, there are certain requirements:

How to activate a portal and take care of its settings

1. In your shop’s administration area in the menu bar select Marketing and then Product portals.
2. In the table you can see all predefined portals. Below the logo of each portal you can see the countries which are available for each portal.  
3. In the column Active you can select the portals/countries you wish to activate.
4. Save the changes.
5. The portal has now been activated. Now you need to take care of its settings. Select a country of the portal in the column Portal / Country.
6. Follow the instructions at the top of the page. Depending on the portal you need to take care of several steps. For most portals, you need to register at the portal as a merchant.
7. Take care of the other settings of this portal. Depending on the portal you have several options.
Option Description
Export all products Here you can select if all products of your online shop should be exported to this portal or if you want to select the products yourself. If you choose Yes, the subpage Products (where you determine the products) is not available. 
Export variation products individually Here you can determine for variation products if only the main product or also ist variations should be exported. This option is only available if you select Yes under Export all products.
Delivery method In the product portals visitors can see a delivery method for your products. Here you can select which delivery method should be displayed. For more information on delivery methods read How do I create a new delivery method?
Image Determine which product image should be displayed in the portal. For more information read How do I add product images?
Description Select which information should be displayed as product description in the portal – for instance the Long description. You can also determine here, that one of the product attributes oft he product type Basic should be used as description (if the attribute is a Text or Language-dependent text). For more information read What are product types/attributes and how do I use them?
Export - Repetition You can determine that your products are exported to the portal in specific intervals. This is especially helpful for portals where products are deleted after a while.
8. Save the changes.
9. If you selected Yes under Export all products, select Export to export all products to the portal. If you selected No, please continue with the following paragraph.

How do I select the products which should be available at the portal?

If you want to determine yourself, which products should be available at the portal, you have to select No under Export all products.
1. In your shop’s administration area in the menu bar select Marketing and then Product portals.
2. In the table you can see all predefined portals. Below the logo of each portal you can see the countries which are available for each portal.
3. Check if under Export all products the option No is selected. If not, select it and save the changes.
4. Select Products.
5. In the table you can see all products which are assigned to this portal at the moment. Select Assign products.
6. In the left column of the table select the products you want to assign to this portal.
7. Select Apply.
8. Select General.
9. Select the button Export at the bottom oft he page to export the products to the portal.

After important changes to the products (especially price changes) you need to export the products again to the portal.
Portals don’t support product descriptions which are written in HTML. All HTML tags will be deleted during the export.
Products can only be exported if they use the same tax model as the portal.

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