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How do I create a new delivery method?

Depending on your shop package, there may be additional shipping apps available for you in your shop's App Store.

You can create different delivery methods in your shop. Every method can be optionally linked to a logistics provider. You can also set the delivery method to be available only for certain products or for customers in specific countries. For example, it might be the case that you create two different delivery methods for one and the same logistics provider: one for domestic deliveries and the other for international deliveries. 

How to create a new delivery method

1. In the administration area in the main menu, select Settings and then Delivery.
2. In the table you can see all the delivery methods already created in your shop. Select the button Add.
3. If you do not wish to link your new delivery method to a logistics provider, under Logistics vendors select the option User-defined delivery method. Otherwise, select the desired provider from the list. Linking to a logistics provider has the advantage of enabling you to create franked shipping labels.
4. Under Type, determine how the delivery costs are to be calculated for this delivery method. For more information, see How do I determine the delivery costs?
5. Under Name in shop, enter a name for the delivery method, which will then be displayed later on in your shop. No two delivery methods can share the same name.
6. Select Add.
7. If you have linked the delivery method in step 3 to a logistics provider, select the Complete it button, follow the steps as specified and save the changes.
8. On this page (Settings), you can now define the settings for delivery costs and save the changes. For more information, see How do I determine the delivery costs? One exception is delivery methods of the Free delivery type: This step is unnecessary for these delivery methods because there are no delivery costs incurred.
9. Select General.
10. Make the general settings for this delivery method here.
Option Description
Internal ID This internal name for the delivery method is not displayed anywhere to your customers.
Type The type specifies how the delivery costs are calculated for this delivery method. It cannot be altered once the delivery method has been created.
Visible This is where you determine whether the delivery method is available or not to your customers in the shop. Leave this option set to No until the delivery method has been fully set up.
Default selection Specify whether this should be the standard delivery method for your shop.
Allow for all products Determine whether this delivery method can be used for all products or only for specific ones. For more information, see How can I make a delivery method available for certain products only?
Allow usage for the following delivery addresses Determine whether the delivery method should be available for all countries of the shop or only for specific ones. For more information, see How do I limit a delivery method to specific countries or regions?
Name in shop The delivery method in your shop has this name.
Comment Here you can enter further information about this delivery method for your customers. This information will be displayed to your customers during the order process when delivery methods are selected. It will also appear on the delivery note.
Logo Here you can upload a logo for the delivery method. This will be displayed in the order process if you use the order process in individual steps. You can select whether to display the logo or not.

11. Save the changes.

In the administration area under Settings >> Delivery, you can specify the sequence in which the delivery methods are displayed to your customers. For more information, see How do I sort list entries and change their order?

If you offer your website in multiple languages, you should enter the content in all these languages. For more information, refer to How do I create content in more than one language?

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